Antigua-Barbuda Event: TBIBC

The Honorable Dr. Baldwin Spencer, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda joined the Tampa Bay business community at the  Tampa Museum of Art for a breakfast reception.

Dr. Baldwin Spencer

Mayor Buckhorn jokes about soccer with Dr. Spencer

Roxanne Bartley of Tampa Caribbean did a wonderful job of bringing the event together. She liaised with the Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority. This ensured that there were numerous people available to talk business, immediately, at the meeting. The program also made sure that the Tampa Bay community understands the many opportunities available in the Eastern Caribbean.  TBIBC can facilitate contacts with this region now, and in time to come.

Dr. Spencer is formally educated in economics and labor law. He was educated at St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada, Ruskin

Honorary Consul of Antigua-Barbuda with Dr Spencer. Picture includes Dr. HJ Yang, Chairman of TBIBC, and Glynis & Hilton Ross-Munro, VP and Sponsorship Director

College, Oxford University, and Oslo University, Norway. He has a deep understanding of economic development issues, such as energy, climate change, innovation and acceptance of the challenges facing small developing national states.

Grant Petersen


Mayor Buckhorn and Commissioner Al Higginbotham spoke on behalf of the Tampa Bay Community, and Grant Petersen spoke on behalf of the Tampa Bay International Business Council.Francis Joseph, President of CANDO, spoke on behalf of the Tampa Bay Caribbean community.



Francis Joseph of CANDO


Sandra Campbell of the US Dept of Commerce and Dr. Maria Crummett of USF World with Dr. Baldwin.

Roxanne Barley, who made Beyond Our Shores perfect



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