Connecting the Dots between TBIBC and our Members – by President Tom Mortenson

Dear TBIBC Members:

You may have noticed that we haven’t held a TBIBC meeting over the holidays.  Now with a New Year, the Board in the process of improving our efforts to deliver more timely and relevant communications.  We are looking at upgrading our web page that will be more customized with information that better fit your needs and promotes your organization.  We are looking at turning our joint meetings into focused events: some will have speakers and presentations, while other will focus on networking.  We are making changes that we believe will allows us to gain strength through an unusual combination of original ideas and effective action.

TBIBC serves as a catalyst and umbrella organization, offering informative communication of events.  If you have an event planned or one of interest for our members – please contact me with the details at so we can post them.

This is where I need your assistance.  We have begun to look at updating our mission statement so it is more relevant to your organizational needs and better connect our members.  We are looking into connecting with more Bi-national Chambers and will be looking at how to get commitment for participation with TBIBC.  Of course, one area that we need help on are getting Corporate or Individual sponsors.  Future plans include looking at the week of May 14th (international trade week) for program.

Over my time with TBIBC, I have been impressed by our members, the tenacity of our volunteers during events, and, most of all, the professionalism and tireless dedication of those that have lead and assist TBIBC to be even more.

Please join with me in making 2019 the year that TBIBC becomes more relevant to our members.

Thank you for your patience as we improve your member experience.


Tom Mortenson

TBIBC President

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