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Tampa, FL – Do you want the trumpets to be blasting? The fireworks to be exploding? Fans to be cheering you on? To be known as the expert? Then you must consistently and frequently be heard. Tim Ferris states “You must have 1000 true fans.”
You ask – How can I be heard often?There is only 24 hours a day. Podcasting enables you to record your message once and send it to tens of thousands of people. For example, record your presentations; be featured as a guest expert on radio shows and podcasts; convert your radio interviews into podcasts; create informative audio infomercials; create audio products to sell while you are sleeping.
Your voice is one of your most powerful tools. “That is why we collaborate with Executive Producer David Wolf, founder of Podcast&Radio Networks”, says LinktoEXPERT Founder, Joanne Weiland. David has been creating mass intimacy through the theater of the mind, producing audio content for major brands around the world since 1993. Watch his: “How to Use Podcasting to Grow Your Business”.https://youtu.be/go_oHzBZq9o
Once you produce your podcast series, LinktoEXPERT will help distribute your show to our vast network of decision makers around the globe for you – further expanding the reach of your brand and positioning.
If you are an author or your company is working with authors that wish to produce and distribute books in an audio book format, David Wolf invites you to consider working with his team to provide a turnkey resource for production, distribution and promotion. “We developed a systematic, turnkey approach to the production of books into audio book products. Distribution channels include Audible, Amazon, iTunes and many others”, says Wolf.

About Podcast and Radio Networks. For years, Founder David Wolf has produced audio and music content for brands worldwide. “At Podcast&Radio Networks, we produce branded podcast content and audio books for authors, speakers, business professionals and publishers.

For more information:http://www.podcastandradio.com

About LinktoEXPERT – Since 2007 LinktoEXPERT makes it easy to be seen consistently online, on stage, on social media and be heard frequently on radio and pod cast interviews which results in being known as the expert worldwide. Imagine the empowerment you feel when you focus on what you do best and let the LinktoEXPERT community do the rest. You elevate your status by allowing decision makers to regularly assess your talents; review your education, experience, and achievements making it easy to hire you in minutes. Together we save time, money and our reputations.

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