Why Tampa Bay International Business Council?

Every organization has objectives. It must be able to define why it exists, before it considers what and how it operates.

TBIBC is the combined, unpaid and volunteer effort of business people, for business people, to grow the regional Central West and Central Florida economy. It is run mainly by those who are immigrants, and who know both the value of diverse international business experience, and the challenges of succeeding in business in a new homeland.

Some benefits that TBIBC offers include:

  • Widely expanded networking for all Chambers and Trade Associations.
  • An on-going project to fund the Chambers and Trade Associations. At present this includes $1000 sponsorship of all TBIBC Chambers and Trade Associations from Bright House. As TBIBC grows, the ability to channel funds to the member Chambers will increase.
  • Recruiting, marketing and exposure for all Chambers and Trade Associations.
  • Four multi-national networking events each year, to expand of the various Chambers/Trade Associations range, and provide extra organizational resources for smaller Chambers.
  • Cross-chamber communication, membership rates at other chambers and global networks for chamber members.
  • A powerful extra web presence for all Chambers and Trade Associations.
  • On-going connections with universities, student bodies and events, foreign students, interns and young potential chamber members.
  • Connections with many resources in the community and economy, including small business resources, minority business advocates, FMSDC, economic development agencies, entrepreneurship bodies etc.
  • Mutually supportive relationships between leaders of bi-national Chamber and Trade Associations, the sharing of experiences, lessons learned, resources and support in the task of leading voluntary, non-profit organizations.

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