Mission, Vision and Values


Tampa, Florida is an unusually diverse region of the United States. Home to MacDill Airforce Base, and 130 different ethnic and national groups, our regional diversity comes with a willingness to share ideas and knowledge, and to help each other prosper.

The Tampa Bay region is also home to an unusually large number of  binational Chambers of Commerce and International Trade Associations, run by dedicated people who are committed to their communities, and to the success of our region that support diverse and entrepreneurial business.

TBIBC believes that people do business with people, and people like working with people they know and trust. We also believe that there our Chambers and Trade Associations ensure that there is someone in our region who knows your industry, who vast knowledge of cultural differences,  has lived and worked within the region you would like to do business with.


As a united voice of the binational community in Tampa Bay area, we support the interests of the diverse and binational business communities, promoting and understanding of their roles, improving communications between binationals and all other businesses and business resources, and facilitating their involvement with business opportunities and networks.

We seek to draw new members of all ethnic groups to the Chambers, so that they can develop cultural fluency, and prepare for careers in international business.

We hold joint functions, promote communication between the Chambers, raise awareness of the value of the binational communities and support the leaders and businesses who bring global networks to the doorstep of Tampa Bay businesses.

TBIBC seeks to create ongoing awareness of the importance of global thinking and international trade. We are a route to the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are placing Tampa Bay area firmly on the circuits of the global economy. TBIBC emphasizes the value of diversity and show new ways to build economic prosperity by collaborating  with the  international community between different groups of people, and their different knowledge repositories.


TBIBC values collaboration, diversity and the resulting prosperity that brings growth and wealth to our entire economy.

We offer a diversity prize that emphasizes the 21st Century concept of inclusion rather than the 20th Century definition of diversity.

TBIBC is based, at its core, on ethics, and shares our Chambers’ belief that honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are fundamental to collaboration.

Many of the cultures involved in TBIBC are more collectivist than individualistic, and have a deep understanding that the welfare of the many is the welfare of the one.  TBIBC believe that life, and  business, are about helping others to grow and prosper, as well as caring for oneself and one’s own immediate circle.