Membership Base: Who can you meet through TBIBC?

It is estimated that the Chambers and Associations that make up TBIBC have more than 12,000 people and businesses on their membership and communication lists, and that this is augmented by other communication networks and initiatives.

It is, however, hard to pin down exact numbers as the TBIBC is expanding. The International Business Board (IBB), for instance, communicates with many thousands of Florida business students, and these numbers have not been counted in the 12,000 estimate.

Some Chambers and Trade Associations (such as the IBB) offer free membership. The IBB reaches out to all students of International Business in the State of Florida.

Some Chambers send out mailing lists but only charge members per event (e.g. Caribbean-American). The Caribbean-American and Philippine-American Chambers of Commerce reach 2.5 thousand and 4 thousand people by direct mail respectively.

Some Chambers have membership fees for core members, but have quasi-members on their mailing lists. There are about 200 members of the British-American Business Chamber, about 300 members of the Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce, about 400 members of the French American Chamber of Commerce of West Florida, and the Scandinavian  Trade Association is growing towards 300 members.

The Tampa Hispanic Chamber is relatively large and growing, while the Russian-American Association is one of our smaller Chambers. The Taiwanese-American Chamber of Commerce is growing and numerically has some overlap with the Chinese-American Chamber.

Some TBIBC associates have their own email lists that they use to tell people about TBIBC events. These include Board members, sponsors and binational social groups, whose activities differ from those of the business wings of binational organizations.